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CAS Hugs Headquarters Institutional Reform on Scientific Research Management

The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), a leading academic institution and comprehensive research and development center in natural science, technological science and high-tech innovation in China, launches an institutional reform in the headquarters on science and development management last week. 

CAS President BAI Chunli addresses on the institutional reform meeting. (Image by CAS)

The reform, under the guidance of “Innovation 2020” Strategic Planning, will focus on sorting out relationships between the CAS headquarters and the research institutes, strengthening their coordination and improving the work efficiency.

Chinese government is carrying out a series of functional transformations of the institutions, cutting government interventions that hinder more robust growth in the world's second-largest economy.

The Chinese economy growth should transform from factor-driving to innovation-driving, while innovation includes not only scientific innovation, but management and model innovation.

New departments in the CAS headquarters will be set up according to their practical work and divided into two categories: scientific research management and general business management.

The CAS institutes will enjoy more decision-making freedom after the reform; while the CAS headquarters will reduce interventions in specific management of its research institutes.

So far, CAS has 12 branch offices, 104 institutes with legal entity, more than 100 national key laboratories and national engineering research centers, and about 1,000 field stations throughout China.

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