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LU Yonglong: Personnel Is Essential to Scientific Research

"Human resource is the most important factor in scientific research," said Dr. LU Yonglong, Director General of the Bureau of International Cooperation, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), at an international cooperation symposium held Oct. 13th in Guiyang, capital city of southwest China's Guizhou Province.

The CAS has set up a series of Talent-Attraction Programs since it launched the Knowledge Innovation Program (KIP) 13 years ago. With the new programs launched and improved in recent two years, more and more talented international scientists have participated in academic exchange and cooperative research with CAS scientists.

Near 70 world's top scientists joined the CAS "Einstein Professorship Program" by the end of 2009. Three foreign experts won the 2009 CAS Award for International Cooperation in Science and Technology. By May of 2010, the CAS has attracted 239 senior international scientists through the Visiting Professorships for Senior International Scientists and 94 young foreign scientists through the Fellowships for Young International Scientists.

"Cooperation should be based on equality and mutual benefits," said Dr. LU, "Talents introduced through these programs help improve the general research level of CAS scientists, thus set them a higher platform in their cooperation with international scientists, especially in joint scientific research."

The CAS will broaden its scientific project cooperation with international scientists, establish open scientific research program with renowned national research institutions and universities and organize international research team.

Most of the cutting-edge domains of scientific research of CAS are expected to open to international bidding in 2020. International scientists working for the CAS will grow to reasonable percentage in 2020 from the current one per cent.

Meanwhile, the CAS has sent more and more scientists abroad studying and participating joint scientific research. 165 dual-culturing doctoral students were sent to Germany, 21 were sent to France since the establishment of "Sino-European Joint Culture Doctoral Student Project" in 2004.

The CAS won bigger say in international scientific community with the expanding of its scientists working in international scientific organizations. More than 900 scientists are members of major international scientific organizations, among them over 200 serve on important positions.

The CAS has started a project this August aiming to enable more young scientists to work with international scientific organizations. About 30 scientists learned languages, international scientific law and rules and scientific research programs proposing through courses.

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