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38th COSPAR Assembly Held in Breman, Germany

  The 38th COSPAR Assembly was held in Bremen, Germany from July 18 to 25, 2010. JIANG Mianheng, Vice President of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) attended the meeting and issued Jeoujang Jaw Award to Prof. C.T. Swift from University of Massachusetts in the opening ceremony.

  Jeoujang Jaw Award was was jointly set up by COSPAR and CAS in 2008. It is to award the scientists who have contributed dramatically to promoting space science research and building new space science research and exploration program. Prof. C.T. Swift has made numerous contributions to the field of Earth observation using microwave remote sensing, particularly in the pioneer work of remote sensing of soil moisture and ocean salinity using interferometric radiometer techniques, such as the Electronically Steered Thinned Array Radiometer(ESTAR), which is the first ever instrument using such technology for each observation. This technology has been implemented in many airborne systems and promote the development of earth observation and space exploration, thanks to his work.

  COSPAR is the highest academic organization in space science. The 36th COSPAR Assembly was held in China. More than 3,000 people from 54 countries participated in the 38th COSPAR Assembly, among whom 162 are Chinese researchers. Prof. PU Zuyin recommended by CN-COSAPR from Beijing University, was granted Vikram Sarabhai Award which was jointly set up by India Space Organization and COSPAR.



 JIANG Mianheng, Vice President of CAS Addressed in 38th COSPAR Assembly (Image by CSSAR)


  PU Zuyin from Beijing University was granted Vikram Sarabhai Award (Image by CSSAR)


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