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17th IEMS Annual Conference Held in Beijing

The International Emergency Management Society 17th Annual Conference in conjunction with the International Emergency Management Society (TIEMS) - China Chapter,1st Annual Conference was held in Beijing on June 9-11, 2010.

The conference was sponsored by TIEMS and co-organized by China Earthquake Administration, National Disaster Reduction Center of Ministry of Civil Affairs, and Center for Earth Observation and Digital Earth (CEODE), etc.

With the theme of  "Global Emergency Response to Disasters for a Harmonious World", the conference aimed to provide a communication platform for emergency response research and practices, and promote the international cooperation, especially between China and various international organizations, in this field, so as to improve the global capacity in emergency management and disaster response.

More than 500 experts and scholars from over 30 countries participated in the conference. Prof. Guo Huadong, vice-president of TIEMS China Chapter and director-general of CEODE, presided over the conference and delivered a keynote speech on global earthquake catastrophe emergency response, rescue and recovery.

Since the SARS outbreak 6 years ago in 2003, China has established its emergency management system  and has effectively addressed a series of major emergencies, including the 2008 snow disaster and Wenchuan Earthquake, as well as the recent Yushu Earthquake. However, compared with those in developed countries, our emergency management system and pre-warning and relief capacity still lag behind. With the objectives to strengthen the study of emergency response theory, establish the international cooperation and exchange platform in this field, learn from others the advanced  emergency management theories and technologies, promote extensive academic research and the establishment and improvement of China’s emergency management system, TIEMS has attracted many Chinese experts and scholars to join in the group, established the "TIEMS China Chapter" and successfully held the TIEMS 2010 Annual Conference in Beijing. The convening of this conference not only has great significance in emergency management in China, but will play an important role in broadening our global vision.

Prof.Guo Huadong delivering a keynote report

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