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China Goes for World's Largest Radio Telescope Cooperation Plan
   China is trying to get all conditions ready for winning the bid to hold world's largest telescope cooperation plan, SKA, in its southwest province Guizhou, discloses Ye Shuhua, CAS academician and former vice president of International Astronomical Union (IAU), recently in a speech.

  Square Kilometer Array (SKA) telescope, billed to be world's largest radio telescope with an effective collecting area of almost one million square metres, was proposed by ten countries of the International Union of Radio Science in 1993.

  According to the proposal, the first aperture synthesis telescope will need at least one square kilometer to install over 30 sub-telescopes. Guizhou has lots of vast valleys and is able to provide enough space for such a telescope giant, said Ye.

  At least six countries have proposed to get the bid of holding SKA up to now, including South Africa and Australia.

  China has made great progress in telescope constructions for the past few yeas. CAS has started the construction of a five-hundred-meter aperture spherical telescope (FAST) in Guizhou. With a total collecting area about 30 football fields, FAST will be the most powerful single dish radio telescope with the largest aperture in the world when completed in 2014.

  The Large Sky Area Multi-Object Fiber Spectroscopic Telescope (LAMOST), a Schmidt telescope able to observe the spectra of some 4000 celestial bodies over a 5-degree vision field has completed last year.

  The country is also planning to construct a telescope with caliber of 15 to 30 metres in Dome Argus, the highest point of South Pole. The telescope will be able to work with optical, ultraviolet and submillimetre wave band.
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